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FyrFlyz FyrWyrkz One Direction

All new FyrFlyz colors and styles found only here.

"Kid Safe Fireworks" Fun for all ages. Roman candles, Sparklers and Super Novas. Receive one free FyrFlyz with every order.

Didn't get your One Direction Bear yet? We still have them. Get ready for the new album in 2014.

Welcome to Mall2112
Uber exciting news. With every One Direction purchase you will receive 1 Free One Direction gift. What a great way to celebrate their upcoming tour, free One Direction merch.

Purchase one Roman Candle and one Sparkler and receive a free FyrFlyz toy.

Featured Items

  • Angelica



    Stop time with Angelica, the country cow girl Sky Dancer.
  • YOLO - You Only Live Once

    Blue Shock Monkey


    YOLO - You Only Live Once. So why not live it with Dylan. Dylan is a mild mannered Shock Monkey™ that only likes to have fun. If that is your personality, this monkey is for you. If that's not your personality and you still like Dylan then pick from any of the other Shock Monkey shirt sayings.

  • Blue Roman Candle

    FyrWyrkz - Roman Candle


    Limit 2 per order


    "Light up the Night" with balls of color without a chance of lighting up your hair. Part of the "Kid Safe Fireworks" line of toys.

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